Beat Your Menopause Weight Gain

Are you going through hormonal ups and downs?

Does your menopausal weight keep creeping up?

Are you unclear about what diet to follow and exercise to do?

Beat Your Menopause Weight Gain is packed with useful information on what is happening during the menopause, why, and the role of hormones throughout the whole process. However, most women experience one particularly troublesome symptom during this time, which can not only cause health problems but also negatively impact confidence — weight gain.

During the menopause, weight is easier to gain and harder to lose. But the good news is that you can turn the issue around. This book will help you to:

  • Understand why weight gain, particularly troublesome visceral fat, can be a common issue during the menopause
  • Make changes to your diet to not only help you to lose weight but also to become healthier in general (recipe book included)
  • Find the right type of exercise for you and learn how to make it a priority in your life
  • View the menopause through positive eyes, rather than allowing it to create more stress and upset

… and so much more.

Consider this book your go-to guide on how to deal with one of the most troublesome menopausal symptoms, and therefore overcome the negative effects of your menopausal weight gain to your health.

Grab your copy now, and you’ll learn how to balance your hormones and stop the middle-aged spread.


“After having type 2 diabetes for over a decade and trying to lose weight so many times unsuccessfully, I decided to put my faith in Silvana, and I am glad I did. After only two months, my diabetes went into remission and I lost most of my excess weight. My health improved and I got my health back. Silvana’s approach is very simple and easy to follow. Thanks a million! ”

~ Marianne ~
“I tried so many diets as I needed to lose weight, improve my health and get fitter. Nothing worked! Then I started to work with Silvana and I realised that my lifestyle habits were to blame. Silvana’s easy and flexible approach helped me to change my diet and lifestyle. Thank you, Silvana.”

~ Belinda ~
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