We all know the health hazards of consuming too much sugar, don’t we?

Health experts tirelessly continue to point out the risks, and we believe them. But when that craving for something sweet hits us, our health is the last thing on our minds.

Breaking out of this negative cycle seems impossible when the sugar habit feels like it’s controlling us.

But, managing sugar cravings is quite simple with a few lifestyle tweaks. Here are 3 powerful tips that will help you do that.  

They all work together to curb sugar cravings dramatically and put you back in control.

Tip #1- Eat more of these foods

Did you know that certain foods can satisfy sugar cravings while being good for you?

Start eating more of the following and prepare to be amazed at how much less you crave that sugar fix.

  • Berries and nuts are packed with natural sugar and essential nutrients. They’re also very versatile; you can use them in your smoothies, put them in the cereal in the morning, or simply eat them independently.
  • Cinnamon is a delicious sweet spice that adds flavor to almost any dish, and has been proven to minimize sugar cravings.  
  • Vegetables contain natural sugars even though they may not taste sweet. Eating more vegetables every day curb sugar cravings and are also good for overall better health.
  • Dark chocolate — that’s right! Dark chocolate will satisfy the most intense sugar craving because, well, it’s chocolate! It has the richness of milk chocolate but a fraction of the sugar content.  
  • Dates are sugary-sweet, filling, and packed with healthy minerals and vitamins.  A handful of fresh dates will bust a sugar craving like the best frosted donut!

Tip #2 — Use natural sugar

This is one of the best habits you can develop. Natural sweeteners like honey and fruits can be an excellent replacement for sugar in various ways while giving you the sweetness you crave. You can mix them with oatmeal and cereal, yoghurt, and even use them for cooking. Honey is especially very sweet and delicious. A spoonful or two can quickly satisfy your desire for something sweet.

Tip #3- Cut down on caffeine

Many people start their day with a cup of coffee.

Caffeine will not cause you any harm, but too much throughout the day could be the culprit behind your sugar cravings.

Caffeine floods the body with the stress hormone cortisol, which gives you an energy spike. However, it also blocks insulin from reaching your cells. And when this happens, you experience a sudden drop in your blood sugar levels, and your body starts screaming for sugar as you need energy.

Try limiting your caffeine intake to a maximum of one or two cups a day, and your sugar cravings will become less frequent and less intense.

Final thoughts

When it comes to health, we all have the best intentions in the world. We want to feel fitter, look better and live longer. And we all know that sugar is the archenemy when it comes to our health goals.

Managing sugar cravings is where the journey to better health begins. Start with these 3 tips and work towards developing new and powerful habits consistently. They will transform your health and life.

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