Weight Loss, Mindset & Emotional Eating (Monthly Support)

£49.00 / month

This is a monthly membership in which you’ll receive plenty of support, guidance and advice 7 days a week giving you all the necessary tools and knowledge that you need to take the control of your emotional eating, enjoy a balanced relationship with food and create a slim and healthy body that you love.

This is a monthly membership for people on a mission who want to transform their health and get the body they want.

You’ll be supported to establish an action plan and encouraged to take the necessary steps so you can reach your goals more quickly and create healthy habits.

You’ll be provided with following:

  • Seasonal meal plans
  • Online sessions covering variety of topics on health and nutrition to help you speed up your weight loss
  • Monthly 30 min one-to-one call to support your individual needs
  • Community online support
  • Motivational tips
  • Strategy to deal with your emotional issues
  • Help and advice with your emotional eating
  • Help and support to create a new strategy to live slim and free
  • Get the body you really want
  • And more…

It’s a fun and exciting journey that will help you to break free from emotional eating and guide you towards better health and fast, healthy weight loss.

You’ll start to notice more energy very quickly and learn the best food choices for you with delicious and easy to follow menu plans.

When your body is balanced you can watch the pounds melt away,

On this journey you will become aware of reasons for your emotional eating and replace them with new habits – you’ll notice that your relationship with food will transform.

You can join me on this unique programme for as long as you need to until you have broken your ‘bad’ habits and replaced them with new ones!

Here are some recent results:

Deborah lost 2 stone in 2 months and her health improved

Julia is feeling so much better, fitter and healthier, and happy to stick with her new diet and lifestyle for life

Denise had issues with emotional eating and now her relationship with food completely changed. She says “I now eat healthy and nutritious foods, which help me with my comfort eating”

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